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    EURORAD 2008; case 6944<br/><hr/><font size=1>Unenhanced Abdominal CT -- Multiple spontaneously hyperdense biliary calculi and hypodense dilated cystic structures of varying size that communicate with the biliary tree.</font> EURORAD 2008
    BioMed Research International 2016; 2016():<br/><hr/><font size=1>CT scan. Calcifications are seen in the bifurcation of the left coronary artery (LCA), the proximal part of left circumflex artery (LCx), and the ...</font> BioMed Research International 2016
    EURORAD 2015; case 12432<br/><hr/><font size=1>Axial T2-weighted -- Axial T2-weighted MRI showing hypointense lesion in the anterior portion of the third ventricle with resultant hydrocephalus of the lateral ventricles.</font> EURORAD 2015
    EURORAD 2013; case 11476<br/><hr/><font size=1>Scrotal colour Doppler ultrasound -- The extensive, predominantly hyperechoic cord-like hematoma (*) along the right spermatic cord abuts the upper pole of the ipsilateral ...</font> EURORAD 2013
    Radiology 2008; 246:697-722<br/><hr/><font size=1>  Coronal CT scan shows mycetomas in both lungs. </font> Radiology 2008
    J Nucl Med 2016; 57:886-92<br/><hr/><font size=1>Incidental finding of fibrous dysplasia on NaF-18 PET/CT. Right nasal bone appears characteristically opaque and expansile. Left image is axial CT scan of skull ...</font> J Nucl Med 2016
    Korean Journal of Radiology 2015; 16(2):372-390<br/><hr/><font size=1>Early ischemic changes on unenhanced head CT (3 different patients).  Unenhanced head CT shows areas of loss of gray/white matter differentiation involving right ...</font> Korean Journal of Radiology 2015
    Korean Journal of Radiology 2014; 15(1):114-122<br/><hr/><font size=1>41-year-old woman presented with incidental radiographic abnormality in right tibia during evaluation of tingling sensation in right foot.   A. Lateral radiograph shows ...</font> Korean Journal of Radiology 2014
    AJR 2012; 199:W496-500<br/><hr/><font size=1>70-year-old man with prostate cancer (prostate-specific antigen level, 5.4 ng/mL). B, Typical regions of interest (ROIs) were set within prostate cancer and peripheral zone ...</font> AJR 2012
    EURORAD 2012; case 10434<br/><hr/><font size=1>polyostotic fibrous dysplasia- Coronal Face CT -- Coronal face CT- expansion, increased density and marked thickening of mandibular, maxillary and frontal bones.</font> EURORAD 2012
    <br/><hr/><font size=1>Cerebellar germinal matrix hemorrhage in a preterm neonate born at 24 weeks gestation. Coronal and sagittal</font>
    Radiology 2006; 240:623-38<br/><hr/><font size=1>  Transverse CT image in a 35-year-old patient with ulcerative colitis and toxic megacolon shows markedly distended transverse colon with shaggy mucosa (arrows). ...</font> Radiology 2006
    AJNR 2005; 26:2033-6<br/><hr/><font size=1>Sagittal fluid-attenuated inversion recovery image (TR/TE/TI, 8800/130/2200) shows a normal smooth ependymal stripe   without irregularity, subcallosal striations, or Dot-Dash sign.</font> AJNR 2005
    Medicine 2017; 96(11):<br/><hr/><font size=1>Each thin-section CT finding in 2 cases of adenocarcinoma in situ (AIS) and in 1 case of invasive adenocarcinoma (IVA). This nodule was histopathologically ...</font> Medicine 2017
    AJNR 2015; 36:1580-8<br/><hr/><font size=1>A 35-year-old man with a history of Behet vasculitis who presented with left-sided weakness. DWI (A) demonstrates an acute infarct involving the right thalamus ...</font> AJNR 2015
    AJNR 2015; 36:1735-40<br/><hr/><font size=1>Case 3, patient 36. Left unruptured MCA aneurysm in a 41-year-old man. A, 3D reconstruction after rotational angiography and subtracted angiography (B) of the ...</font> AJNR 2015
    AJNR 2015; 36:1317-20<br/><hr/><font size=1>Postprocedural angiograms in anteroposterior (A) and lateral (B) projections show complete recanalization of right MCA and anterior cerebral artery distributions following mechanical thrombectomy with ...</font> AJNR 2015
    Clin Med Res 2009; 7:157-65<br/><hr/><font size=1>Cerebral angiography showing dramatic reconstitution of the superior sagittal sinus, right transverse and sigmoid sinuses, as well as right jugular vein in (A) anteroposterior ...</font> Clin Med Res 2009
    J Nucl Med 2016; 57:1949-1956<br/><hr/><font size=1>Typical example of flip-flop phenomenon in molecular imaging of patient with hepatic metastasis from G3 NET of unknown origin and referred before therapeutic strategy ...</font> J Nucl Med 2016
    AJNR 2015; 36:863-70<br/><hr/><font size=1>Lateral view of a left ICA angiogram in an 8-year-old male patient with HHT. Angiography in early arterial (A) and venous (B) phases demonstrates ...</font> AJNR 2015
    AJNR 2015; 36:783-8<br/><hr/><font size=1>A 7-year-old boy with AIS involving the right ACA and partial bilateral MCA territories. A, ADC map shows areas of restricted diffusion in the ...</font> AJNR 2015
    Cancer Imaging 2015; 15():<br/><hr/><font size=1>a Sagittal steady state free precession (SSFP) MRI image of the brain showing the olfactory nerve anatomy: The fibers in the superior nasal mucosa ...</font> Cancer Imaging 2015
    J Nucl Med 2015; 56:255-60<br/><hr/><font size=1>(A and B) Images of patient with history of breast cancer ( , patient 1). (C and D) Images of patient with anal cancer ...</font> J Nucl Med 2015
    AJNR 2014; 35:S37-43<br/><hr/><font size=1>Current and potential markers of penumbra. A, MR images of DWI (right) and PWI (left) showing a region of PWI-DWI mismatch; B, list of ...</font> AJNR 2014
    J Nucl Med 2014; 55:1825-30<br/><hr/><font size=1>Comparison of attenuation maps for representative atlas-validation subject. atlas (A), CT (B), and Dixon (C) are displayed in 3 orientations.</font> J Nucl Med 2014
    Medicine 2015; 94(22):<br/><hr/><font size=1>Fibrous dysplasia of right 10th costal bone in a 60-year-old man, MDCT was done because of abnormality on chest radiographs. Accuracies for diagnosis for ...</font> Medicine 2015
    AJNR 2014; 35:741-6<br/><hr/><font size=1>A, Intracranial angiogram shows a distal M1/M2 occlusion and good leptomeningeal collateralization via the anterior cerebral artery territory. B, After thrombectomy with the Revive ...</font> AJNR 2014
    Pract Neurol 2014; 14:159-75<br/><hr/><font size=1>T2W axial (A&151;C) and T2W gradient echo (D and E) axial MR scans in a 76-year-old man show typical cortical haemosiderin staining due to ...</font> Pract Neurol 2014
    Ann Rheum Dis 2015; 74:985-92<br/><hr/><font size=1>(A) and (B) Combined sacroiliac joint and spine MR scans with normal sacroiliac joint findings and lesions visible only on spinal MRI may not ...</font> Ann Rheum Dis 2015
    Korean Journal of Radiology 2015; 16(2):372-390<br/><hr/><font size=1>Alberta Stroke Program Early CT (ASPECT) Score.  ASPECT scoring system is applied to both unenhanced CT and diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI). When this system ...</font> Korean Journal of Radiology 2015
    Br J Radiol 2014; 87:20130624<br/><hr/><font size=1>(a) A representative strain image resulting from a single automated scan of the biceps brachii overlaid on the ultrasound image of the upper arm. ...</font> Br J Radiol 2014
    Br J Radiol 2014; 87:20140065<br/><hr/><font size=1>Multiparametric positron emission tomography (PET)/MRI of a rectal cancer. (a) High F-18-fludeoxyglucose uptake on fused PET/T2 MRI, with (b) a correspondingly patchy reduced apparent ...</font> Br J Radiol 2014
    Scandinavian Journal of Immunology 2015; 81(2):142-150<br/><hr/><font size=1>3D micro-CT images of a front right paw with bone segmented in white colour (AC) and soft tissue in red colour (E). In (D), ...</font> Scandinavian Journal of Immunology 2015
    Postgrad Med J 2013; 89:673-4<br/><hr/><font size=1>(A) Colonoscopy of the rectal carcinoma and (B) the sigmoid adenoma. (C) Fused fluorodeoxyglucose-positron-emission tomography (FDG-PET)/CT images of the rectal carcinoma and (D) sigmoid ...</font> Postgrad Med J 2013
    EURORAD 2015; case 12432<br/><hr/><font size=1>Coronal T2-weighted MRI -- Coronal T2-weighted MRI showing hypointense colloid cyst of the third ventricle with hydrocephalus.</font> EURORAD 2015
    EURORAD 2015; case 12408<br/><hr/><font size=1>Sagittal fat suppressed PD-w MR image of the knee -- Edema within the bone marrow of the avulsed ossicle (arrow) and reactive focal bone ...</font> EURORAD 2015
    EURORAD 2015; case 12295<br/><hr/><font size=1>Coronal STIR images -- Multiple ill-defined nodules of subcutaneous granuloma annulare on both pretibial areas. The nodules are located in the subcutaneous tissue and ...</font> EURORAD 2015
    RadioGraphics 2014; 34:197-216<br/><hr/><font size=1>Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia in a patient with McCune-Albright syndrome. Frontal radiograph of the pelvis and hips demonstrates expansile lytic lesions with ground-glass matrix deforming ...</font> RadioGraphics 2014
    Clin Cancer Res 2013; 19:2621-8<br/><hr/><font size=1>Effect of imaging modality on lesion detectability. Small liver metastases showed well by MRI but not by CT in a 57-year-old male with rectal ...</font> Clin Cancer Res 2013
    RadioGraphics 2013; 33:1533-53<br/><hr/><font size=1>Spontaneous intestinal perforation that developed 2 weeks after bevacizumab treatment in a 57-year-old man with known rectal carcinoma. Axial contrast-enhanced CT image demonstrates irregular ...</font> RadioGraphics 2013
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