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    Arch Dis Child 2015; 100:152-7<br/><hr/><font size=1>Radiographs of unilateral lambdoid synostosis (1,2), positional plagiocephaly (3,4; externally performed) and MRI (A&151;C) scans. (1,2) deviance of sagittal suture, hyperostotic margin of fused ...</font> Arch Dis Child 2015
    Neurology 2017; 88(24):2248-2253<br/><hr/><font size=1>Noncontrast CT, core (red) and penumbra (green) CT perfusion maps, and acute diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) MRI in 3 different patients (A) Agreement among all ...</font> Neurology 2017
    J Nucl Med 2016; 57:587-93<br/><hr/><font size=1>Attenuation maps and F-18-FDG PET images corrected using them. (A) CT. (B) MR-ACmMR using mMR software version VB20P. (C) MR-AClevel.</font> J Nucl Med 2016
    EURORAD 2014; case 12136<br/><hr/><font size=1>Previous contrast-enhanced body CT years earlier -- Note extensive encasement of mesenterial vessels, infiltration of omental fat and peritoneal serosa (thin arrows) by confluent, ...</font> EURORAD 2014
    Radiology 2012; 264:136-45<br/><hr/><font size=1>Images in 54-year-old man who had undergone irradiation for NPC. Patient presented with deep pharyngeal ulcer, spondylitis of C2, and spinal instability. (a) Axial ...</font> Radiology 2012
    EURORAD 2011; case 9444<br/><hr/><font size=1>Chest radiographs -- Lateral chest radiograph demonstrates similar findings. An old compression deformity of the T8 vertebral body is incidentially noted.</font> EURORAD 2011
    EURORAD 2011; case 9623<br/><hr/><font size=1>Ultrasound B mode - right scrotal pouch -- Arrows: Yellow - testicular fracture Pink - one of the intra-testicular haematomas Green - testicular rupture ...</font> EURORAD 2011
    RadioGraphics 2012; 32:335-52<br/><hr/><font size=1>Spontaneous abortion in a 39-year-old woman with a known 10-week intrauterine pregnancy and an IUD. (a) Transvaginal longitudinal routine obstetric US image through the ...</font> RadioGraphics 2012
    Eur J Endocrinol 2015; 173:M107-20<br/><hr/><font size=1>Case 6: C-11-methionine PET&151;CT co-registered with SPGR MRI shows minimal tracer uptake in the sella in a patient with a possible lesion on dynamic ...</font> Eur J Endocrinol 2015
    The BMJ 2017; 356():<br/><hr/><font size=1>Fig 1Lung cancers and major cancers theoretically induced per 10000 people screened, according to sex and age at start of CT screening for lung ...</font> The BMJ 2017
    J Nucl Med 2016; 57:587-93<br/><hr/><font size=1>Attenuation maps and F-18-FP-CIT PET images corrected using them. (A) CT. (B) MR-ACmMR: MR-based attenuation map generated using mMR software version VB18P. (C) MR-AClevel: ...</font> J Nucl Med 2016
    J Nucl Med 2016; 57:517-23<br/><hr/><font size=1>A 39-y-old female patient with new onset of ascites after radioembolization (RE) of WL in single session. Axial CT and fused F-18-FDG PET/CT images ...</font> J Nucl Med 2016
    J Nucl Med 2016; 57:708-14<br/><hr/><font size=1>Axial gadoxetate disodium (Eovist; Bayer) MRI (A) and intravenous contrast-enhanced CT (B) images reveal some of the widespread metastatic disease in liver. Anterior planar ...</font> J Nucl Med 2016
    BioMed Research International 2016; 2016():<br/><hr/><font size=1>(a) Transverse sonogram shows plentiful calcific plaques (arrows) in the insertion of the Achilles tendon before therapy (outline of Achilles tendon traced by dotted ...</font> BioMed Research International 2016
    J Nucl Med Technol 2014; 42:70-4<br/><hr/><font size=1>SPECT/CT images at 24 h using Smart color map (Philips) in axial (A), sagittal (B), and coronal (C) reconstructions demonstrate reflux into lateral ventricles ...</font> J Nucl Med Technol 2014
    RadioGraphics 2014; 34:119-38<br/><hr/><font size=1>Internal hernia causing obstruction of the excluded stomach and biliopancreatic limb in a 61-year-old man who had undergone laparoscopic gastric bypass repair 1 year ...</font> RadioGraphics 2014
    RadioGraphics 2014; 34:139-53<br/><hr/><font size=1>Grade V renal injury in an abused boy. Axial contrast-enhanced CT image demonstrates a shattered left kidney (arrowheads) with adjacent retroperitoneal hematoma and hemoperitoneum. ...</font> RadioGraphics 2014
    Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol 2013; 48:765-72<br/><hr/><font size=1>Deletion of Spag17 gene expression results in hydrocephalus and pulmonary and nasal mucus and fluid congestion.   Four littermates with indistinguishable phenotypes within ...</font> Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol 2013
    EURORAD 2014; case 11951<br/><hr/><font size=1>Unenhanced and multiphase contrast-enhanced MDCT at diagnosis -- Multiplanar arterial-phase images (d...f) after intravenous contrast confirm large subcapsular renal haematoma (*) partially extending downwards ...</font> EURORAD 2014
    Eur J Endocrinol 2009; 161:607-13<br/><hr/><font size=1>Prevalence of hard thyroid nodules at ultrasound-elastography in acromegalic patients in different stages of the disease and in non-acromegalic subjects with thyroid nodular disease.</font> Eur J Endocrinol 2009
    RadioGraphics 2011; 31:1717-40<br/><hr/><font size=1>Necrosis in glioblastoma. Low-power (original magnification, 20; H-E stain) photomicrograph shows a band of densely packed tumor cells separated by two fields of necrotic ...</font> RadioGraphics 2011
    AJR 2012; 198:W13-9<br/><hr/><font size=1>67-year-old man with recent stroke and ulcerated carotid plaque.</font> AJR 2012
    AJR 2008; 191:S79-82<br/><hr/><font size=1> 21-year-old woman who underwent induced abortion 7 weeks earlier. Patient presented to outside clinic with 3-week history of profuse vaginal bleeding and symptomatic ...</font> AJR 2008
    CMAJ 2009; 180:251<br/><hr/><font size=1>  Photographs showing bright red discoloration of the patient\\\'s skin (A) and urine (B) after treatment with hydroxocobalamin for cyanide poisoning. </font> CMAJ 2009
    EURORAD 2008; case 6523<br/><hr/><font size=1>US images: vesicolourachal diverticulum -- Urachal cyst</font> EURORAD 2008
    Radiology 2008; 246:697-722<br/><hr/><font size=1>  Coronal CT scan shows mycetomas in both lungs. </font> Radiology 2008
    AJR 2006; 187:W33-41<br/><hr/><font size=1>55-year-old man with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) who presented with 6-week history of generalized edema and diffuse abdominal pain. Sonographic study was performed showing ...</font> AJR 2006
    RadioGraphics 2003; 23:1423-39<br/><hr/><font size=1>RPOC in a 29-year-old woman who experienced acute massive vaginal bleeding 6 weeks after artificial abortion, which was performed due to a fatal anomaly ...</font> RadioGraphics 2003
    RadioGraphics 2002; 22:47-53<br/><hr/><font size=1>Left uterine artery aneurysm in an 18-year-old woman with habitual abortion. Power Doppler US image shows color signal within the lesion.</font> RadioGraphics 2002
    RadioGraphics 1999; 19:1107-24<br/><hr/><font size=1>Focal cemento-osseous dysplasia in an asymptomatic 25-year-old man. An abnormality was seen incidentally on a full-mouth radiographic series obtained for routine dental care; additional ...</font> RadioGraphics 1999
    J Nucl Med 2016; 57:1309-15<br/><hr/><font size=1>(A) Uniform and hot-rod phantom images and profiles across indicated positions acquired under 2 different conditions: after installing PET outside MRI (solid line) and ...</font> J Nucl Med 2016
    J Nucl Med 2016; 57:1296-301<br/><hr/><font size=1>Decrease in perfused pulmonary volume by radiation, as determined by ratio of Tc-99m-MAA SPECT perfused volume to coregistered CT anatomic volume. Line is median ...</font> J Nucl Med 2016
    J Nucl Med 2016; 57:1065-70<br/><hr/><font size=1>Axial 2-dimensional T2w fast spin echo MRI (A), F-18-choline PET (25&151;30 min after injection; SUV range, 0&151;12) (B), and fusion PET/MRI (C) showing a ...</font> J Nucl Med 2016
    J Nucl Med 2016; 57:1141-5<br/><hr/><font size=1>In vivo PET images of rat brain. Serial coronal (A) and transverse (B) sections demonstrate significant changes in glucose metabolism after VPM stimulation (P ...</font> J Nucl Med 2016
    J Nucl Med 2016; 57:918-24<br/><hr/><font size=1>Comparison of F-18-FDG PET surface maps for left hemisphere in subject with clinical and imaging features consistent with mild Alzheimer dementia (top and bottom ...</font> J Nucl Med 2016
    J Nucl Med 2016; 57:900-6<br/><hr/><font size=1>Florbetaben PET (A) and MRI (B) scans from patient 68 with motion artifact, potentially leading to false-positive visual assessment. All interpreters assessed scans as ...</font> J Nucl Med 2016
    J Nucl Med 2016; 57:954-60<br/><hr/><font size=1>(A) Coronal planes of mean SUVR maps for all 3 different radiotracers at different ages of PS2APP animals, projected on an MRI mouse atlas ...</font> J Nucl Med 2016
    Eur J Endocrinol 2015; 173:M107-20<br/><hr/><font size=1>Case 4: C-11-methionine PET&151;CT co-registered with SPGR MRI confirms the site of recurrence in a patient with relapsed Cushing\\\'s disease following first TSS. (a ...</font> Eur J Endocrinol 2015
    Circulation. Cardiovascular imaging 2017; 9(9):e005001<br/><hr/><font size=1>Pooled relative risk (RR) for combined death or ventricular arrhythmia according to late gadolinium enhancement (LGE) positive vs negative. CI indicates confidence interval and ...</font> Circulation. Cardiovascular imaging 2017
    Circulation. Cardiovascular imaging 2017; 9(9):e005001<br/><hr/><font size=1>Pooled relative risk (RR) for ventricular arrhythmia according to late gadolinium enhancement (LGE) positive vs negative. CI indicates confidence interval and MRI, magnetic resonance ...</font> Circulation. Cardiovascular imaging 2017
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