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    Neuroimage 2012; 61(1-6):10-20<br/><hr/><font size=1>Spatial predictions of BOLD from underlying haemodynamics for 2 representative animals. Spatial maps of changes in HbT and Hbr are input into a Monte ...</font> Neuroimage 2012
    EURORAD 2002; case 1612<br/><hr/><font size=1>Contrast enhanced CT scan of the abdomen -- Ileocolic intussusception in the right iliac fossa.</font> EURORAD 2002
    EURORAD 2000; case 119<br/><hr/><font size=1>T1W SE coronal images after contrast -- Meckel\\\'s cave is partly obliterated on the right, and there is an invasion of the central skull ...</font> EURORAD 2000
    Brain 2006; 129:2679-87<br/><hr/><font size=1>  Evaluation of the ADC maps. Three slices from the T1-weighted SE scan  , the T2-weighted EPI scan   and the ...</font> Brain 2006
    RadioGraphics 2000; 20:E1<br/><hr/><font size=1>Custom Heyer-Schulte implant specially designed for patient with Poland syndrome (placed 1973). Two Dacron mesh-reinforced elastomer back patches are seen on the posterior surface ...</font> RadioGraphics 2000
    RadioGraphics 2014; 34:119-38<br/><hr/><font size=1>Resolution of hematoma in an 88-year-old woman who had undergone laparoscopic incisional hernia repair. (a) Preoperative CT image demonstrates a nonobstructed incisional hernia (arrow) ...</font> RadioGraphics 2014
    AJR 2013; 200:989-1000<br/><hr/><font size=1>&dash;21-week fetus with spondylothoracic dysostosis (case 13). Radiation dose to fetus was 4.9 mSv.     Postnatal radiograph on first day of ...</font> AJR 2013
    EURORAD 2014; case 11742<br/><hr/><font size=1>Conventional x-ray pelvis -- Hyperdense bonestructure and medullary encroachment of the femoral bones (arrow).</font> EURORAD 2014
    Acta Oncol 2008; 47:983-6<br/><hr/><font size=1> Plain x-ray of tibia and fibula showing cortical elevation typical of hypertrophic osteoarthropathy.</font> Acta Oncol 2008
    Yonsei Medical Journal 2010; 51(2):287-290<br/><hr/><font size=1>Abdominal CT scan showing multiple stones in the CBD and IHD with biliary obstruction, multifocal liver abscesses, and air-biliarygram. CBD, common bile duct; IHD, ...</font> Yonsei Medical Journal 2010
    EURORAD 2012; case 10159<br/><hr/><font size=1>Ultrasound -- Abdominal ultrasound shows a complex hepatic mass in left liver. The mass measures 12x7.5 cm; it is well-defined echogenic hypovascular , predominantly ...</font> EURORAD 2012
    J Cardiovasc Magn Reson 2011 13:9<br/><hr/><font size=1>Evaluation of the right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT) long-axis by ECG-gated cine SSFP MR. Along with the RV 2-chamber plane (Figure 10), this view ...</font> J Cardiovasc Magn Reson 2011 13:9
    BMC Cancer 2010 10:213<br/><hr/><font size=1>Mode of interaction of GF with tubulin. (A) Structure of GF. The conformation of the O-Me groups are chosen arbitrarily. Color code: carbon, blue; ...</font> BMC Cancer 2010 10:213
    Radiology 2011; 258:705-13<br/><hr/><font size=1>Sequential multidetector CT images in 60 year-old man with type A IMH with newly developed IBP and ULP at follow-up CT before surgery. (a) ...</font> Radiology 2011
    AJR 2011; 197:W1008-14<br/><hr/><font size=1>43-year-old woman with desmoid tumor of left arm.</font> AJR 2011
    Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 2007; 48:1173-80<br/><hr/><font size=1>  Agreement between SAP (OHTS criterion), mfVEP (224 cluster criterion) and the combined diagnostic standard (disc photograph grade plus HRT MRA). The area-proportional ...</font> Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 2007
    AJR 2006; 187:W622-9<br/><hr/><font size=1>36-year-old man with subsegmental hepatic involvement of visceral larva migrans of Toxocara canis. Transverse contrast-enhanced CT scan obtained at portal venous phase shows multiple, ...</font> AJR 2006
    Br J Radiol 2005; 78:433-6<br/><hr/><font size=1>57-year-old man with liver metastases of hypernephroma. Before radiofrequency ablation (RFA) treatment, hepatic transit time (HTT) was 6 s. 1 month after RFA HTT ...</font> Br J Radiol 2005
    EURORAD 2014; case 12129<br/><hr/><font size=1>Magnetic Resonance Imaging of right knee, sagittal plane -- Sagittal T2 weighted image demonstrates air-fluid level within the medial meniscus posterior horn of the ...</font> EURORAD 2014
    AJR 2013; 201:97-107<br/><hr/><font size=1>&dash;Immunohistochemical stainings of hepatocellular adenoma (HCA) subtypes.     Inflammatory HCA (IHCA) subtypes. Photomicrographs show serum amyloid A expression in IHCA contrasting ...</font> AJR 2013
    J Nucl Med 2013; 54:499-506<br/><hr/><font size=1>Comparison of F-18-FDG/F-18-FES ratio with immunohistochemistry scores and LI. F-18-FDG/F-18-FES ratio showed significantly negative correlation with immunohistochemistry scores of ER (left) ( = 0.67, ...</font> J Nucl Med 2013
    Cereb Cortex 2012; 22:1473-86<br/><hr/><font size=1>Analysis of pyramidal cell arborization by single-cell imaging in NCER mice. Confocal imaging of coronal vibratome sections (100 m) from NCER*CAG-CAT-EGFP mice at 7 ...</font> Cereb Cortex 2012
    Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 2011; 52:9665-73<br/><hr/><font size=1>Patterns of visual function by kinetic perimetry. (A) Kinetic visual field maps showing responses to the V- and I-4e targets. Fields are organized into ...</font> Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 2011
    Korean Journal of Radiology 2005; 6(3):136-142<br/><hr/><font size=1>Images of a 56-year-old man presenting with visual disturbance (case 2).   A. The axial unenhanced CT image shows the lesion to be ...</font> Korean Journal of Radiology 2005
    Radiotherapy and Oncology 2012; 103(1):113-122<br/><hr/><font size=1>Effect of antispasmodic drug administration on MR image quality: small bowel peristalsis causes movement artefacts in MRI (a). A spasmolytic agent (e.g. N-Butylscopolan or ...</font> Radiotherapy and Oncology 2012
    PLoS ONE 2007; 2(8):<br/><hr/><font size=1>Receiver Operating Curve (ROC) Areas for Detection of Those with a Radiographic 24-point AAC score of 5 or Higher.</font> PLoS ONE 2007
    Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 2011; 52:7987-95<br/><hr/><font size=1>A 39-year-old woman with venous sinus thrombosis, papilledema, and opening pressure of 420 mm. Compare the configuration of the RPE/BM layer on SD-OCT (b, ...</font> Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 2011
    Gut 2011; 60:1505, 1562<br/><hr/><font size=1>Colonoscopy revealed that the IUCD penetrated the sigmoid colon and protruded into the lumen of the sigmoid colon.</font> Gut 2011
    Gut 2011; 60:1505, 1562<br/><hr/><font size=1>Plain abdominal radiograph showed the T-shaped intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCD) in the left pelvic cavity. The surrounding fat planes of the uterus were identified ...</font> Gut 2011
    AJNR 2009; 30:699-702<br/><hr/><font size=1>  Subcortical lesions in 1.5T and 7T: PD/T2-weighted TSE   and   and T2*-weighted GRE   and. The cortical involvement ...</font> AJNR 2009
    AJR 2009; 192:815-25<br/><hr/><font size=1> 59-year-old woman with no history of malignancy who presented with palpable mass in right breast. Mammogram reveals focal well-circumscribed radiolucency surrounded by capsule ...</font> AJR 2009
    AJR 2006; 187:W622-9<br/><hr/><font size=1>42-year-old woman with hepatic visceral larva migrans of Toxocara canis. Transverse contrast-enhanced CT scan obtained at portal venous phase shows multiple small, ill-defined, oval ...</font> AJR 2006
    AJNR 2006; 27:1258-71<br/><hr/><font size=1>  Pre- and postoperative T2-weighted  , gadolinium-enhanced T1-weighted  , and anisotropy-weighted color   maps for patient 1. The color maps ...</font> AJNR 2006
    AJNR 2005; 26:1512-20<br/><hr/><font size=1>Axial inversion recovery MR images (TR/TE/TI = 6850/18/300, matrix = 256 x 256, FOV = 230 x 230 mm) show extensive VRS dilatation  ...</font> AJNR 2005
    AJNR 2003; 24:604-7<br/><hr/><font size=1>Tagged MR images and data processed with PIV software during the systolic phase. Row A, Six tagged MR images, (1) (6), were obtained with ...</font> AJNR 2003
    AJNR 2001; 22:1587-9<br/><hr/><font size=1>Proton MR spectrum of pure glycine, recorded using a laboratory spectrometer with a 9.397-T magnet, reveals the peak at 3.52 ppm</font> AJNR 2001
    J Neurosci 2014; 34:16774-83<br/><hr/><font size=1>Medial frontal cortex (MFC) infusions. A, We stereotaxically implanted cannula at a high angle to target recording electrodes in MFC. B, Photomicrograph of a ...</font> J Neurosci 2014
    Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology 2015; 35(7):1696-1703<br/><hr/><font size=1>Ex vivo combined positron emission tomography/computed tomographic visualization of a plaque recovered from the internal carotid artery demonstrating heterogeneous [Cu-64] [1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane-N,N,N,N-tetraacetic acid]-d-Phe1,Tyr3-octreotate (Cu-64-DOTATATE) uptake ...</font> Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology 2015
    Arthritis Res Ther 2014 16:R69<br/><hr/><font size=1>Enhanced uptake of [18F]DPA-714 in paws (ankle) of RA rats versus control using microPET. (A) Representative images in coronal sections of the increased uptake ...</font> Arthritis Res Ther 2014 16:R69
    Chest 2013; 143:415-22<br/><hr/><font size=1>A, Difference in lung point localization was determined by comparing the ultrasound-placed needles with the extension of the PTX on the CT scans. B, ...</font> Chest 2013
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