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    RadioGraphics 2011; 31:1425-41<br/><hr/><font size=1>Extradural arachnoid cyst in a 27-year-old man. (a) Axial nonenhanced CT image shows a fluid-attenuation lesion that expands the spinal canal (arrow), displacing the ...</font> RadioGraphics 2011
    Circulation 2014; 130:333-46<br/><hr/><font size=1>A, Venography of the iliocaval segment to assess for patency. B, Descending venography of the left lower extremity demonstrating reflux into the femoral vein ...</font> Circulation 2014
    AJR 2012; 199:W587-94<br/><hr/><font size=1>Appearance of pneumoperitoneum and bowel gas. Insets show position of transducer. B, 34-year-old man with perforated anterior prepyloric ulcer and pneumoperitoneum. Parasagittal epigastric sonogram ...</font> AJR 2012
    AJR 2012; 199:W587-94<br/><hr/><font size=1>Sonographic appearance of perforated peptic ulcer in three different patients. Insets show position of transducer. C, 33-year-old man with perforated peptic ulcer located in ...</font> AJR 2012
    AJR 2011; 196:W405-11<br/><hr/><font size=1>Abdominopelvic CT of 58-year-old woman with abdominal pain and history of Henoch-Schnlein purpura. Image shows stratified appearance of small-bowel wall (i.e., increased attenuation of ...</font> AJR 2011
    Radiology 1999; 211:754-8<br/><hr/><font size=1>Avulsion fracture of the semimembranous tendon insertion site. Parasagittal MR image (2,300/80) of the medial aspect of the knee. Small avulsion (arrows) of the ...</font> Radiology 1999
    RadioGraphics 2014; 34:73-92<br/><hr/><font size=1>Periportal edema. Axial contrast-enhanced CT image obtained immediately after liver transplant shows an ill-defined area of hypoattenuating soft tissue in the porta hepatis (arrows), ...</font> RadioGraphics 2014
    The International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging 2011; 28(1):117-137<br/><hr/><font size=1>Two types of hybrid XMR suites equipped with a closed bore 1.5T MR magnet and C-arm X-ray fluoroscopy. The a suite consists of 2 ...</font> The International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging 2011
    EURORAD 2006; case 4344<br/><hr/><font size=1>CECT With 2D reformat -- Axial CT scan at level of hip joints. The rectum is compressed by the dilated sigmoid colon.</font> EURORAD 2006
    Arch Dis Child 1997; 76:268-71<br/><hr/><font size=1>  Magnetic resonance imaging at 2 years of age showing the presence of the vagina (V) between the bladder (B) and the rectum ...</font> Arch Dis Child 1997
    Circulation 2014; 130:333-46<br/><hr/><font size=1>Venous duplex ultrasound demonstrating reflux in the great saphenous vein. Blood flow direction is determined after increasing central venous return with rapid cuff inflation ...</font> Circulation 2014
    Br J Radiol 2014; 87:20130743<br/><hr/><font size=1>A 65-old-year female with anorexia, weight loss and abdominal discomfort. The patient underwent CT, which showed (a, b) avid enhancement of a mass arising ...</font> Br J Radiol 2014
    World J Surg Oncol 2014 12:83<br/><hr/><font size=1>CT scan shows the giant hepatic hemangioma occupying the entire abdominal cavity.</font> World J Surg Oncol 2014 12:83
    AJR 2012; 199:W587-94<br/><hr/><font size=1>42-year-old woman with leaking peptic perforation in anterior duodenal bulb. Insets show position of transducer. B, Sagittal epigastric sonograms from cine loop at different ...</font> AJR 2012
    EURORAD 2013; case 11271<br/><hr/><font size=1>Colour Doppler ultrasound -- In epigastrium, the portal olive (arrowheads in C) and proximal splenic vein (thin arrow in C) show mildly dilated, echogenic ...</font> EURORAD 2013
    AJR 2012; 199:W294-306<br/><hr/><font size=1>55-year-old man with chronic pain above heel. A, Lateral radiograph of ankle shows marked thickening of Achilles tendon, particularly at and above enthesis (arrow). ...</font> AJR 2012
    Radiology 2007; 245:909-13<br/><hr/><font size=1>  Intravenous contrast-enhanced transverse multidetector CT images of the abdomen.</font> Radiology 2007
    Thorax 2004; 59:636<br/><hr/><font size=1>  Transverse CT scan of the chest showing a mass (arrow) in the aortopulmonary window. </font> Thorax 2004
    Radiology 2003; 228:230-4<br/><hr/><font size=1>T2-weighted fat-suppressed fast SE MR images (4,166/104) obtained in a patient with synovial osteochondromatosis of the left hip. Transverse MR image shows the bursa ...</font> Radiology 2003
    Radiology 2003; 226:662-7<br/><hr/><font size=1>Transverse STIR MR image (1,500/15, 375-mm field of view, 256 x 256 matrix, 4-mm section thickness, 1-mm intersection gap, four signals acquired) in a ...</font> Radiology 2003
    Postgrad Med J 2014; 90:422-3<br/><hr/><font size=1>(A) Westermark sign (white arrow) and Palla sign (black arrow) demonstrated on plain film chest radiograph. (B) An occlusive embolus (white arrow) in the ...</font> Postgrad Med J 2014
    RadioGraphics 2013; 33:e225-35<br/><hr/><font size=1>Standardized QuIC project report for the one image per plate project. The goal of this project was to display only one view per image ...</font> RadioGraphics 2013
    AJR 2013; 201:208-14<br/><hr/><font size=1>&dash;49-year-old man with history of right lower extremity deep venous thrombosis (DVT) 4 years ago, now with symptoms of right leg venous insufficiency.  ...</font> AJR 2013
    AJR 2013; 200:W518-30<br/><hr/><font size=1>&dash;60-year-old woman who presents for screening mammography.     Longitudinal gray-scale ultrasound image shows small irregular hyperechoic mass with indistinct margins. Ultrasound-guided ...</font> AJR 2013
    RadioGraphics 2013; 33:361-71<br/><hr/><font size=1>Modified failure mode effects analysis diagram shows the process (black boxes) required to interpret a radiograph from the ED and dictate a report. The ...</font> RadioGraphics 2013
    EURORAD 2013; case 11333<br/><hr/><font size=1>Coronal contrast-enhanced computed tomography -- Coronal CT image shows heterogenous, enlarged and inflamated falciform ligament (F) and also hyperattenuating inflammatory changes in omentum close ...</font> EURORAD 2013
    AJR 2012; 199:W587-94<br/><hr/><font size=1>Sonographic appearance of perforated peptic ulcer in three different patients. Insets show position of transducer. A, 52-year-old man with perforated ulcer in anterior duodenal ...</font> AJR 2012
    AJR 2012; 199:W587-94<br/><hr/><font size=1>Appearance of normal pylorus and proximal duodenum. Insets show position of transducer. B, Healthy 50-year-old man. Right oblique subcostal sonogram with transducer angled through ...</font> AJR 2012
    AJR 2012; 199:W587-94<br/><hr/><font size=1>43-year-old woman with anterior duodenal bulb peptic perforation, pneumoperitoneum, and free fluid. Insets show position of transducer. C, Right intercostal sonogram with 2.5-MHz transducer ...</font> AJR 2012
    Cleft Palate Craniofac J 2010; 47:15-21<br/><hr/><font size=1>a: Lobar holoprosencephaly (HPE), ultrasound diagnosis at 15 weeks of gestation. b: Semilobar HPE, ultrasound diagnosis at 17 weeks of gestation. c: Alobar HPE, ...</font> Cleft Palate Craniofac J 2010
    AJR 2012; 198:W426-31<br/><hr/><font size=1>Ectopic pregnancy. A, 17-year-old girl with history of ectopic pregnancy treated with methotrexate. CT scan shows large amount of high-density fluid (arrow) within pelvis, ...</font> AJR 2012
    AJR 2006; 187:W396-8<br/><hr/><font size=1>54-year-old man with Henoch-Schonlein purpura involving small bowel. Colonoscopy shows erythematous mucosa   and linear ulcers. Colonoscopic passage through obstructed segment was not ...</font> AJR 2006
    RadioGraphics 2005; 25:105-19<br/><hr/><font size=1>Synovial chondrosarcoma in a 52-year-old man with a swollen knee in whom synovial osteochondromatosis had been diagnosed at biopsy 10 years earlier. Precontrast sagittal ...</font> RadioGraphics 2005
    Br J Radiol 2002; 75:578-83<br/><hr/><font size=1>Triplex ultrasound examination of popliteal vein. Doppler sampling gate in popliteal vein. Calf compression results in antegrade flow (spectral curve below baseline); when compression ...</font> Br J Radiol 2002
    <br/><hr/><font size=1>53-year-old woman who was a lifelong nonsmoker and had a history of ulcerative colitis and dementia presented with a 1-week history of new-onset dry ...</font>
    J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 2016; 87:563-5<br/><hr/><font size=1>(A) Tibial nerve motor conduction velocity (MCV) study on day 4 after onset showing normal compound muscle action potential (CMAP) morphology, both on distal ...</font> J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 2016
    AJNR 2015; 36:877-85<br/><hr/><font size=1>Recurrent tumor. Five months later after RT with concomitant and adjuvant temozolomide, this patient with glioblastoma developed a new heterogeneously enhancing mass lesion in ...</font> AJNR 2015
    Postgrad Med J 2014; 90:298-9<br/><hr/><font size=1>Axial contrast enhanced abdominal CT (A) showing subtle increased attenuation in the mesentery (dashed arrows) and enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes (full arrows). A zoomed ...</font> Postgrad Med J 2014
    AJNR 2014; 35:186-90<br/><hr/><font size=1>Oblique 3D view of the skull, including the external portion of the left temporal bone and the Pschl plane for CT reformatting superimposed. This ...</font> AJNR 2014
    Heart 2014; 100:264-5<br/><hr/><font size=1>A four-chamber view showing adequate interatrial flow in a 2-day-old baby with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. A close echocardiographic monitor however is warranted in ...</font> Heart 2014
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