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    AJR 2007; 189:556-62<br/><hr/><font size=1> 31-year-old man with fast resolution of bone bruise, reticular lesion type. Coronal T2-weighted fat-suppressed images (TR/TE, 12/3,700; fat saturation; section thickness, 3 mm; ...</font> AJR 2007
    EURORAD 2000; case 553<br/><hr/><font size=1>Blunt left diaphragmatic rupture with stomach herniation -- Spiral CT section (3-mm) demonstrates a diaphragmatic defect (arrows), filled with abdominal fat. An extensive hemoperitoneum ...</font> EURORAD 2000
    The International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging 2011; 28(3):479-489<br/><hr/><font size=1>Different ways of RF-IVUS data analysis and generation of volumetric data. In Analysis I and II automated contour detection with (visual check and) manual ...</font> The International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging 2011
    RadioGraphics 2013; 33:933-56<br/><hr/><font size=1>Coronal oblique T1-weighted MR image obtained in a 61-year-old man with ankylosing spondylitis shows complete fusion of both sacroiliac joints (arrows).</font> RadioGraphics 2013
    Ann Rheum Dis 2009; 68:1761-7<br/><hr/><font size=1>Micro-computerised tomography scan proved efficiency of bortezomib in mice with collagen-induced arthritis (CIA). Severe bone erosions were observed in untreated CIA mice but 0.1 ...</font> Ann Rheum Dis 2009
    BMJ 2005; 331:562-5<br/><hr/><font size=1>  Two axial in utero magnetic resonance images from 35 week old fetus with features characteristic of established periventricular leucomalacia, probably indicating an ...</font> BMJ 2005
    AJR 2013; 200:W402-19<br/><hr/><font size=1>&dash;Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor in 20-year-old woman with known neurofibromatosis type 1. Coronal contrast-enhanced CT image shows two large and heterogeneously enhancing masses ...</font> AJR 2013
    J Neurosurg Spine 2012; 17:93-7<br/><hr/><font size=1>Axial postcontrast T1-weighted MR image obtained at T1&151;2, demonstrating a posterior right paraspinal component of soft tissue enhancement (thick arrow) and a layer of ...</font> J Neurosurg Spine 2012
    J Neurophysiol 2011; 105:2421-37<br/><hr/><font size=1>Population RFs (PRFs) for sinks and MUA. A: map obtained from each animal was converted to a 9  13 matrix, centered on its ...</font> J Neurophysiol 2011
    EURORAD 2008; case 5030<br/><hr/><font size=1>Photographs of the cystocele before reduction  -- </font> EURORAD 2008
    AJR 2013; 200:W475-82<br/><hr/><font size=1>&dash;Sample images of liver phantom. Five columns represent four combinations of acquisition parameters and phantom size. Three rows represent three reconstruction algorithms applied to ...</font> AJR 2013
    AJR 2013; 200:1151-6<br/><hr/><font size=1>&dash;Axial CT image taken during dynamic CT study of pig. Mean attenuation was measured by placing circular region of interest in vessels.</font> AJR 2013
    AJR 2013; 200:W402-19<br/><hr/><font size=1>&dash;Pleuoropulmonary blastoma (type III).   Axial contrast-enhanced CT of chest obtained for evaluation of respiratory distress in 3-year-old boy shows large solid hypodense ...</font> AJR 2013
    AJR 2013; 200:W376-82<br/><hr/><font size=1>&dash;62-year-old woman with generalized morphea who presented initially with symmetric sclerosis of arms, hands, calves, and feet (localized scleroderma severity index score, 14).  ...</font> AJR 2013
    AJR 2013; 200:W376-82<br/><hr/><font size=1>&dash;62-year-old woman with generalized morphea who presented initially with symmetric sclerosis of arms, hands, calves, and feet (localized scleroderma severity index score, 14).  ...</font> AJR 2013
    Neurosurg Focus 2011; 31:E5<br/><hr/><font size=1>Cardiac-gated phase-contrast MR image showing phase shift between pulsations in the aqueduct and the cerebellomedullary cistern in a patient with CM-I. The upper arrow ...</font> Neurosurg Focus 2011
    PLoS ONE 2011; 6(10):<br/><hr/><font size=1>In vivo detection of TK activity using F-18-FEAU as a PET radiotracer.  (A) 2-D slices showing an increased retention of radiotracer in injected ...</font> PLoS ONE 2011
    EURORAD 2008; case 7002<br/><hr/><font size=1>Abdominal CT -- Axial contrast-enhanced CT. Periportal hypodense halo is shown.</font> EURORAD 2008
    Ann Rheum Dis 2005; 64:1663-5<br/><hr/><font size=1>  FDG-PET imaging of an L4-5 spondylodiscitis (patient 3, week 0). </font> Ann Rheum Dis 2005
    Crit Care 2002 6:30<br/><hr/><font size=1>Tracheoesophageal fistula in an intubated patient in status asthmaticus (iatrogenic complication). (a) The chest x-ray shows an abnormal distension of the fundus of the ...</font> Crit Care 2002 6:30
    AJR 2005; 184:720-33<br/><hr/><font size=1>Two cases of microscopic polyangiitis. 4-MDCT image of 43-year-old man with microscopic polyangiitis that was obtained during intermediate phase of disease activity and magnified ...</font> AJR 2005
    AJR 2002; 179:1429-35<br/><hr/><font size=1>49-year-old woman with pseudomyxoma peritonei from mucinous adenocarcinoma of appendix. Axial contrast-enhanced CT scan shows typical findings of pseudomyxoma peritonei with mass effect and ...</font> AJR 2002
    AJR 2013; 201:W117-23<br/><hr/><font size=1>&dash;63-year-old woman with acute phase vertebral fracture.     Preoperative radiograph shows no obvious cleft.</font> AJR 2013
    RadioGraphics 2013; 33:933-56<br/><hr/><font size=1></font> RadioGraphics 2013
    AJR 2013; 200:W673-82<br/><hr/><font size=1>&dash;62-year-old woman with history of breast cancer who underwent 1.5-T MRI.     Repeat unenhanced T1-weighted axial image after shimming to improve ...</font> AJR 2013
    Br J Radiol 2013; 86:20130066<br/><hr/><font size=1>Inflammatory spondyloarthropathy of the lumbar spine. (a) Three-dimensional CT of ankylosing spondylitis viewed from the posterior right. The L5/S1 interlaminar space (arrow) is patent ...</font> Br J Radiol 2013
    AJR 2012; 199:W464-76<br/><hr/><font size=1>48-year-old woman with scleroderma, cough, and dyspnea and biopsy-proven nonspecific interstitial pneumonia. Unenhanced axial high-resolution CT image obtained in prone position through lower lungs ...</font> AJR 2012
    World J Surg Oncol 2013 11:23<br/><hr/><font size=1>Endoscopic biopsy (A) Colonoscopy revealed a circular yellow tumor in the ascending colon.(B) An endoscopic biopsy revealed atypical epithelium (hematoxylin and eosin 100).</font> World J Surg Oncol 2013 11:23
    J Neurosurg 2009; 111:863-73<br/><hr/><font size=1>A and B: Axial T2-weighted MR images obtained in a 47-year-old man, showing a right AN (Koos Grade II at the time of SRS). ...</font> J Neurosurg 2009
    PLoS ONE 2012; 7(1):<br/><hr/><font size=1>Implanted casts and cuffs produce a unique echogenic signature and their length can be precisely measured by ultrasound.  Casts or cuffs were implanted ...</font> PLoS ONE 2012
    J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 2007; 78:1231-8<br/><hr/><font size=1>Functional MRI. Group average activation maps for the verbal and non-verbal working memory tasks, superimposed on each groups average MRI. Note: a, b, c=slice ...</font> J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 2007
    AJR 2009; 192:W149-55<br/><hr/><font size=1>26-year-old man with normal anteroinferior glenoid labrum. MR arthrography image of left shoulder joint at level of inferior glenohumeral ligament attachment shows normal inferior ...</font> AJR 2009
    AJNR 2010; 31:761-6<br/><hr/><font size=1>Patient 4. A 64-year-old man radiated for squamous cell carcinoma of the left lateral oropharyngeal wall. A, CT examination with contrast obtained before radiation ...</font> AJNR 2010
    EURORAD 2003; case 2168<br/><hr/><font size=1>MRI -- An axial T1-weighted SE sequence demonstrates a low signal mass arising from the axillary area.</font> EURORAD 2003
    Eur J Orthod 2007; 29:118-25<br/><hr/><font size=1>Computerized tomograph of (a) the dry skull and (b) three-dimensional reconstruction of the craniofacial bones. </font> Eur J Orthod 2007
    Ann Intern Med 1995; 123:598-600<br/><hr/><font size=1> Patchy hyperdensities are present in both occipital lobes and in the precentral and frontal subcortical white matter. Additionally, right paracentral white matter hyperdensities ...</font> Ann Intern Med 1995
    AJR 2007; 189:81-8<br/><hr/><font size=1>31-year-old woman. Axial CT scans show enterolith   in dilated infected Meckel\\\'s diverticulum. Note adjacent infiltration of ileocolic mesentery, suggesting superimposed diverticulitis. </font> AJR 2007
    Eur Heart J 2003; 24:2151-5<br/><hr/><font size=1>  Basal infero-lateral hyperenhancement associated with wall thinning in AFD. A 57-year-old man with basal infero-lateral wall thinning and akinesis demonstrated on cine ...</font> Eur Heart J 2003
    RadioGraphics 2004; 24 Suppl 1:S195-216<br/><hr/><font size=1>Gonococcal urethral stricture with periurethral abscess. Retrograde urethrogram shows a long segment of irregular, beaded narrowing in the bulbous urethra with opacification of the ...</font> RadioGraphics 2004
    Radiology 2005; 234:235-41<br/><hr/><font size=1>Normal urethra in a 2-year-old boy. Transperineal voiding US image of the same patient. Note bladder   and urethra   are distended ...</font> Radiology 2005
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